CRN announce sale of 62m Omega architects Design

Rose-Hannah Lishman wrote the following for

With an Italian history steeped in success, Ferretti Group’s superyacht specialists, CRN, have recently announced that they will begin work on a new masterpiece; a 62-metre design by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects. Another addition to CRN’s growing portfolio of triumphs, the new build will mark hull number 138 for the shipyard (...).

Starting life in the Ancona yard, hull 138 is born to a winning combination of creative minds. Not only do CRN hail as Feretti Group’s large yacht experts, but the shipyard dates back to 1963 with a heritage that remains 100% Italian.

With the new project developed by CRN’s engineering department, (...) proof that the shipyard are swiftly expanding their fleet.

However, the 62m is not all Italian. Designed in close cooperation with the design firm, Omega Architects (by Frank Laupman), the exterior concept - characterised by sporty and sleek exterior lines - demonstrates a Dutch style that’s become definitive of Omega.(...)

Announcing the sale earlier this week, we now look forward to welcoming a number of CRN superyachts onto the water and will be following the 62m's journey as it comes to light. We wish both the shipyard and owner a smooth journey from shed to sea!