50m 'Home' wins Neptune award 'Best Ecological Design and Operation Innovation.'

We are trhilled to share the news 'Home' has been granted the Neptune trophy for 'Best Ecological Design and Operation Innovation.' This is one of the Boat international Design & Innovation Awards. The ceremony took place on Monday 28th of January in Kitzbühel.
The judges gave the following comments along with the award:

'Just three teams were brave enough to submit projects for scrutiny in this new category seeking significant investment in design, equipment and operational procedures to reduce environmental impact.
Diesel-electric hybrids are today’s most widespread environmentally friendly propulsion solution, but even this is evolving with differences in application from yacht to yacht.
For a project that began on speculation by the builder, the Heesen brief was for low- and mid-speed efficiency with top priority on quiet and comfort.
Sharing both its decision matrix and performance results, the yacht now known as Home combines aluminium construction and a Fast Displacement Hull Form with relatively small 840hp main engines.
Two-speed diesel generators powering electric shaft motors deliver low speed cruising at 9 knots, burning just 45 litres per hour in electric mode while producing only 46dB of noise in the owner’s stateroom.
The mains coupled to shaft generators can push her to 16.3 knots while still powering the house load without requiring a separate generator.
While this yacht does not offer “silent mode” operation on batteries, the power train is future-proofed for this quieter option.'

From Omega Architects, our design focused on the yacht's close relationship to the environment. With a vast 118 m2 of glass, full height offering possible for panorama views, guests can feel closely conneted to the maritime surroundings. Her near vertical bow, with elegant and functional double spray rails, points out her strong character. Besides beautiful, it’s also functional: increasing stability by reducing vertical movement for comfortable cruising, directional stability and a long waterline for optimal hull speed.

'Home' also won the award for Best Naval Architecture - Displacemenet Motoryachts. Naval Architecture was designed by Van Oossanen. this superyacht was built by Heesen Yachts.

Photo courtesy: Heesen Yachts